Friday, 15 April 2016

Term 1 Goal Review

Term 1 Goal Review
Parents Goal(s)
working on improving on my reading 
and my spelling and another thing i need to work on is being helpful to others and to make lots of new friends?
Next step:
And to make new friends in the class
To read more books and get better at spelling

Students Goal(s)

Im working on choosing good book for my age group and Reading more books

Next step:

To get better at my maths and my Reading and spelling

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

how to make baples

   How To Make baples

  • Bananas 200x
  • Apples 200x
  • Mixer 1x
  • Milk 2x
  • Cream 4x
  • Pot 1x
  • Hands 2x
  • Rocks 100 thousand

First you need to collect the materials you need then you collect the ingredients like the bananas, apples, mixer, cream, milk pot.

Second chuck the bananas,apples,cream, milk then after that push the mixer on full speed so it splats everywhere around the room.

Thirdly clean up the mess with your hand and don't worry about the dirt or other foods and bugs in in it. Put this mess in a pot then drizzle 100 thousand rock the size of a baby's fingernail

Fourthly chuck the pot in the oven at 30 degrees for 1 year take out the pot a shove down your throat like a rocket ship.

Filthy spew out the food and then your you baple is complete.

WALT write procedural text with precise language and correct structural features.




Writing a Procedural text
I need help to write Procedural text.

I can write procedural text with precise language and correct structural features if I am prompted or directed.
I use some features to write a Procedural text, but I am not sure when and or why to use them.
(trial and error – aware of strategies but not sure why or when to use them so makes mistakes)

I use many features to write Procedural text and I know when and why to use them.
(strategic or purposeful use of strategies – knows why and when ).
I use many features accurately to write Procedural text and I know when and why to use them.
I act as a role model for others to help them write Procedural text.
I seek feedback on how to improve how I write Procedural text.
Effective Strategies:
  1. Explain what has to be done eg the  goal
  2. List everything that will be needed
  3. Number all the steps in order.
  4. Write short, clear instructions.
  5. Word Focus: action verbs
  6. Tense-simple present
  7. Style: Instructional, second or third person.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


This is my  maths


I'm showing the CARE values by Sitting down when I'm eating.