Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Creative writing

                                                walt write creative story's 

one night i got a text from my freinds , saying meat us in the middle of the woods. I read the text again i was confused , so i went to the kichien in the morrning and i told my mum and dad that i was going to colege , but that was a lie , i was achiley going to the middle of the woods. it was a long walk my legs were aching , i felt like i was going to full over. i looked all around there is no one here I said to my self , this not fair why would they do this to me they are my true friends but then , I saw this flash of light aaaaaaaaaaaa my eyes I said I fell like I'm blind now , it was a horrible felling I keeped following the hot light flashing in my eyes , I finally got there it was lolly land it was like I was in this dream but this land was not they said there was a legend of this land wow , I started to chomp away there was lots of sugar in theses lollys I started bouncing off the candy canes, i keep walking on there was a lane it was a gooey smushy lane i started swimming when i turned around there was a humungus crocidile it was a big , not that big but big enuf to eat me . it was scary
i was swimming as fast as i could to get away from this best , i was screaming my head off aaaaaaaaaaaa get away from me wacking the beast away from me . i was regreting lieing to my pearnts now i stop swimming ah finilly i get a rest this might be the last time i write a story , then i get chomped up from the beast .

                                                                     the end 

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