Friday, 26 June 2015

If I had wings

WALT write creatively with lot of descriptive language

so what did I learn ? I learnt how to use onomatopoeia and similes .

now what ? what i need to do next is use more onomatopoeia , similes and descriptive language in my writing .

One night I was getting ready to go to bed .  I new something was going to happen to me . My parents pushed me to get into bed . it was 7: 00 clock when they told me to go to bed I tried to tell them but they didn't belive me . but i  went to bed any way at 6:00 am in the morning i screamed it was scary my mum came running up the narrow  hall way .  trying to fit trough the hall i told mum that i got wings last night because you sent me to bed to early last night . i told my mum that i was going to America . so i then flew out the widow and then i flew 1 hour there and then i drooped and then  i brock my leg .

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