Friday, 24 July 2015

Work on Writing Week 1, Term 3

                         Work on Writing

One night I was going for a walk, suddenly I whack into this thing. 
It starts cracking "Run for your life!" I scream. When his stretchy arms grab me I say "Who are you and where did you come from?''
"I came from planet Zorb'' says the monster in an Alien voice. 

Then suddenly he drops me. I look at his ears they look large and pointy. I started running away but the monster caught up to me first and grabbed me with his elastic arms and zipped me home as fast as a bumble bee. 

The next night I went back out for a midnight walk. Then something grabbed me, it was the monster from planet Zorb ."Aaaaaaaaa" I scream. "Get off me". But then he gobbles me down his throat and that is the end of me. 

My next step is: make my story longer 

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