Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Walt: To write a story suitable to entertain a 5-6 year old
In Australia in 1909 there was a bomb that blew up.  Now there is someone else doing the trouble for the dead bomb. Suddenly a noise was heard all the computers went down people were yelling the whole place went dark.  People were scared.
People yelled, “Where are you black cherry, and black arrow we need you come quick!”
Black cherry and black arrow shot down from the sky, and bomb and bomb the 2nd got an alarm to tell them to run, but black cherry and black arrow started chasing so it started to end up like up wild goose chase with villains and superheroes. Suddenly, the bad guy did a quick turn around into the alley and the superheros banged into a wall and get knocked out. They wake up and there is a big bunch of people standing around them…………….

They tell the people of the world to get out of here and lock themselves their families up in there home where no one would know. Then the people run away into their homes  the superheroes jump back into the sky  and track down the bombs nexts visit they found out that it’s in 1 hour in sydney they fly over there but no one is around they search and search until they find them they fly down and capture them in a metal cage, that they can't blow up in and that takes away their power. Black cherry and black arrow chuck the super villains in the prison cage deep deep deep down in the ground. Then the super heros hope that they don't ever come back again.

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