Tuesday, 14 March 2017


In writing I have been learning to:
  • use all basic punctuation independently
  • attempt more complex punctuation (eg semicolons, colons, parentheses)

I have been especially focussing on using parentheses and commas. I have highlighted these in green where I have used them as well as other punctuation that I changed because it was used incorrectly. Here is a piece of my writing that shows this.

Leadership Peer mediation
What makes a great peer mediator

Leadership is a skill of being able to motivate people and using team work towards a goal. There are 6 traits of being an effective leader they are: Integrity, Trustworthy, Resilient, Goal Focused, Active Thinker and Motivational. My key leadership role for 2017 is being a peer mediator this means I must turn up to my duty on time at the second half of lunch to help around the school with the problem the younger students have.

One of the leadership traits of being an effective leader is being trustworthy being trustworthy means you can be relied on to do your job right. Someone who has shown this has been my 3 teachers. They show trustworthiness when they are help out because if we need some help they won't lie about the how solve it with the strategy. This is very important because if the younger children want help they won't believe you if you lie, but if you tell the truth they will trust you by you helping them solve the problem. As well as  being trustworthy I know that it is important that i am resilient.  

Being resilient is a key effective leadership trait it means that the leader is able to solve problems  when time are hard a though. The leaders that have shown this leadership trait is Brianna and Charlotte.k because they never give up when they are in the learning pit and trying to get out. It is strong leadership role because you won't give up when you are trying to solve the issue and when  they don't agree. I will demonstrate this by not giving up when people are giving up when people are not listening to the rules and not agreeing to them, or when they they don't listen if you help them solve the solution, as well as being  resilient I know it is also important to be an active thinker.

One of an important leadership trait is being an active thinker because you think of cool ideas to solve problems. A leader that shows this trait is my 3 teachers because they play great and awesome games with the years ⅞ Zone. This trait is important to my role because you come come up with difference ideas to help the juniors to sort problems out. I will demonstrate this when i they need help with problems.

Lastly I have been talking about showing the 3 traits that are important to my role are trustworthy being resilient and being an active thinker these 3 traits are very very important in my key leadership role

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